Since graduating from university in 2007, I have made a fair number of things.  Whilst working with creative coach Mark McGuinness, I decided it would be useful to put together a collection of all my favourite headdresses, puppets and masks I have created.

I used to think I wasn’t very good at drawing, but over the last year I have grown in confidence and I am now pretty proud of my collages and sketches.

All the drawn images below have been created by me, and were all made whilst at Uni.  For new work see this blog post, and I will be posting up more work after my open studios next week.  All the 3D objects were made in the last 7 years, and if you scroll down, I have credited the designer and production.



Credits for images above (starting from top left hand corner): Moon headdress – Designer Dick Bird, Production ‘The Enchanted Pig’; Fish headdress (unfinished and finished), fan headdress, golden temple headdress, black wig headdress with sun and also with yellow flowers  – Designer Cleo Pettitt for Watford Palace Theatre;

Top hat with brass ear trumpets, leather and lace hood with monocle, veiled felt boater shape with binoculars – Designer Claire Strickland for ‘Hat Designer of the Year Competition 2010; Tigerlilly red flower headdress – Designer Sara Faye Marshall, Production ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass; Bird puppet in blue and yellow – Designer Claire Strickland; 3 x Tudor french hoods – Designer Alan Flyng Production ‘The Medieval Banquet’;

Leather hood with horse hair mohican – Designer Shooting Flowers, Production ‘Thriller Live’ musical; fruit and veg owl – Designer Claire Strickland, uni project; horned headdress – made for a fitting whilst on work experience at Robert Allsopp and Associates; mask sculp and skull sculp in clay – uni project.

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