“Claire has worked with me on several productions over the years and there is nothing she can’t create.   Her meticulousness & lightness of touch, balanced with practicality & wearability, make her my go to milliner.

Not only is she well versed in traditional & historically accurate millinery but she isn’t afraid to explore and experiment in all areas of costume craft.  She was instrumental in bringing to life the surreal fantasies of Daniel Lismore designs for The Mask of Orpheus which included Pink Monsters, Swarovski encrusted headdresses, bejewelled gloves and so much more…as seen in British Vogue

A Guided Tour of London’s Most Lavish New Opera Costumes | British Vogue

 A recent highlight of her craftmanship was Claire’s interpretation of Anne of Cleves’s famous headdress for Christopher Oram’s costumes in The Mirror & the Light.  Which can be seen in the exhibition: Performance by Rankin, 2021 — Rankin (rankinphoto.co.uk)

 Simply put, in my view, she’s the best!”

Christina McGlynn, 2022

Costume Supervisor, ENO Head of Costume 2010 - 2021

“Claire is an extraordinary Milliner, over the years I have thrown at her the most challenging projects and she has always risen to the occasion and produced magnificent work. Her attention to detail is second to none. She is always able to create something that is entirely right for the piece and comes in on budget.

From Victorian bonnets to Military hats her creations have been wonderful. She is great at second guessing the needs of a show and always goes the extra mile to get everything just right.

Claire is always my first port of call for anything involving millinery and I can’t recommend her enough.”

Susan Kulkarni, 2019

Costume Designer, www.susankulkarni.co.uk

“As a costume designer for film, I have had the pleasure to know Claire and commission hats from her over that past seven years (since 2008). On a recent film, the hat she made for a principal actress was the most praised piece of the film, for many of the cast and crew.

Claire is an intuitive milliner who takes the extra time and care to understand the references and context of a brief, so she can capture the precise feeling, character and style that a hat can and must convey.

Working with her, you quickly sketch or describe an impression to her and she does the rest; the final aesethetic of every piece she makes has just the right subtle curve, cut and form you imagined for the character, exactly as you want it, with a beauitful finish and something more that comes from her ability to bring out the individuality of the wearer in the uniqueness of each hat, you’ll find no cookie-cutter generic work here.”

Hayley Nebauer, 2015

Costume Designer, www.hayleynebauer.com

“Claire is a talented milliner who always comes up with creative solutions however strange the head wear required. She works well with designers, performers and costume makers to ensure that everyone is happy and the outfit works as a whole.

She is skilled in working in many different materials and styles making hats that still look as good at the end of the run as they did on Press Night.

Beautiful hats delivered on time, what more could a Supervisor ask for!”

Mark Jones, 2014

Seasonal Costume Supervisor, Watford Palace Theatre

“With such attentive care for the wearer and their needs, along with superb skill and interpretative imagination, her creations never just fulfil the brief, they exceed all expectations.

As far as I’m concerned, Claire Strickland is a milinery genius!”

Cleo Pettitt, 2015

Theatre Designer, www.cleopettitt.com