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Here I have written posts about how to make hats and headdresses, where to buy the materials, and places you can go to find research about headwear, costume and fashion.

There are pictures and reviews of exhibitions I have been to and also some posts about where I find my own inspiration and designs.

Plus a bit about health and safety, and what I have learned about business skills for artists – how to keep track of costs and budgets and where to teach yourself business skills.

If you think there should be something added to a blog post, or if there is something which helped you solve a millinery problem – feel free to add a comment and I can reply to you there.

Mohicans, mohicans, mohicans!

Mohicans, mohicans, mohicans!

Mohicans! Need I say more?!  I will let the photographs speak for themselves.  Here are some of the mohicans that caught my eye at 'The Fashion...

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